This department is responsible for following-up on visitors who attend the church service for the first time and may wish to return or even become members. We provide our visitors with information about what we do at Redemption Parish and also seize the opportunity to pray with them. If they would like to join the church, we provide support and help them settle in.   

Our goals for this department as summarised above are:

-  To minister to newcomers to the church/new converts (newly born again) and ensure they have a satisfactory beginning in the church (trusting they will become established members).  This would involve encouraging such to partake in the believers’ or Pastors’ class to help them with the basics they require to start the journey and carry on in the faith;

-  To see to the spiritual welfare of regular members who have been absent from church or who need encouragement; and

-  To demonstrate the love of Christ through praying and visitation.



Journey Planner